Gone apple picking

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Remember Lim Xin Mei? She was the inaugural star of the Cult of Mac’s "Me and My Mac" series, which profiles Apple users and their rigs.

That series apparently has a variety of scopes, as rather than continuing to offer an in-depth profile of an individual user, the second installment spotlights many Apple fans in a photo gallery that’s heavy on the visuals and light on the text. The change in format isn’t what surprised me most, though — it was finding myself pictured.

Apple presents apple

As I previously detailed, Mike Maginnis staged the above photo shoot and took several shots, including the above with my camera. Little did I know that he’d also snapped one of his own with his cell phone and submitted it to Cult of Mac.

As it’s an awesome opportunity to plug the Apple II, my surprise did not eventually shift into annoyance at the lack of forewarning. To be honest, I’m more disappointed in Cult of Mac’s lack of links back to the stars’ Web sites!

Given the quantity of photos in each Cult of Mac post, odds are good you’ll recognize someone in each. Sure enough, the third installment features James, co-host of the RetroMacCast podcast. As far as I can tell, this third blog post is also the first to not sport an Apple II, unfortunately.

What I want to know is: where the heck is Blake Patterson? The gallery won’t be complete without his setup!

  1. In my defense, I *did* include your positions as Juiced.GS editor and Open Apple podcast co-host in my submission of your pic to the gallery. I guess because neither have the word ‘Mac’ in the title, they didn’t feel the need to include them. :/

  2. No need to defend yourself, Mike — it’s clear that Cult of Mac treated your photo the same as everyone else’s, making a gallery that’s heavy on the visuals and light on the text, as I noted. Oh, well!

  3. Maybe. But they noted James’s association with RetroMacCast, while ignoring yours with OA.