Get your apple-pickin’ hands…

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Mike Maginnis and I were driving through Ohio recently when we pulled off the highway in Berlin Heights. Courtesy some online preparation, I knew of a nearby apple orchard I wanted to stop at. Apples are not only my favorite computers, but also my favorite fruit — a consequence of sharing Johnny Appleseed’s hometown, I suppose. I hadn’t yet gone picking in this nascent fall season and was eager to get my hands on some Paula Reds.

While I was focused on the fruit, Mike had a different kind of apple in mind. Remembering that we were transporting from Colorado to Massachusetts a childhood computer of one of my college friends, he suggested I pull it out of the trunk and pose for a photo.

Apple presents apple

The Apple II and its namesake, reunited at last!

Apple presents apple. Imagine if we could pick these off trees so easily!

What other creative or unusual backdrops or setups would you like to see your favorite retrocomputer pictured in?