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While at the CIO100 last month, I attended a keynote speech by Tom Peck, CIO of Levi Strauss. One of the videos he presented was a subtle advertisement for his company’s products, and also a really neat work of filmography:

I immediately appreciated the video for the clever effects and also the sense of adventure and wanderlust such artistry inspires in me (see: Where The Hell Is Matt?). But when I got home and watched the video again on my own, I noticed a nearly subliminal aspect that appealed specifically to the retrocomputing enthusiast in me: the soundtrack. The video is set to the song “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Recognize it? No reason you shouldn’t, right?

I realized it’s the same song used in the Oregon Trailer that debuted last August — another video about traversing this great land!

Oregon Trailer

I think this connection is a neat example of the personal influence of the Apple II on one’s perceptions and reactions. “Home” (a BASIC reference?) can be found on their MySpace page or in iTunes on their album Up From Below.