Happy birthday to Steve Wozniak and Bill Budge

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As A2Central.com and Open Apple both recently acknowledged, today is Steve Wozniak‘s birthday. The creator of the 34-year-old Apple II turns 61 today.

But today is also Bill Budge‘s birthday! After Woz practically invented personal computers, Mr. Budge was one of the first to see their limitless potential, using the Apple II to create the popular pinball game Raster Blaster and, later, the DIY tool Pinball Construction Set. Mr. Budge’s name often received higher billing than the title of the software, a rare status in an era when Warren Robinett had to resort to inventing the Easter Egg to get his name into a game.

Though he may not be as famous as Steve Wozniak, Bill Budge is nonetheless an important person in the computer industry and its history, and I’m glad he’s still around to celebrate his 57th birthday.

Happy birthday, gentlemen!

  1. Andrew Roughan says:

    I was intrigued by the Easter Egg link but find that it is a tag and not an article as I expected. Was this intentional or an oversight?

  2. It was one of several intentional, internal links. If you want to know more about Warren Robinett’s Easter Egg, click here.