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I ended a recent blog post by asking, "Will the Apple II ever have its own music video?" Although not quite what I had in mind, there’s actually been an Apple II music video for nearly three decades. It was released in April of 1984 as part of Apple’s official "Apple II Forever" event.

I suddenly feel the need to wear a stuffy suit and shake people’s hands over a keyboard.

Perhaps better known is the song "Apple II Forever" a song released on the disc Developer Helper Volume 1: Phil And Dave’s Excellent CD (with the titular Dave being David Szetela, KansasFest 2007 keynote speaker). It’s been set to slides and published as this music video:

Is a thirty-year hiatus from the music scene enough? How can we build on this sterling record to create what’s sure to be the next Apple II chartbuster?

(Hat tips to Steven Sande and Steve Weyhrich)

  1. FWIW, Leading the Way was the Mac launch song, Apple II Forever was the //c launch song.

  2. Adam Robertson says:

    Here’s a link from the same user that uploaded those videos in this post, of the full Leading The Way song on YouTube:

  3. Martin Haye says:

    Too bad the song is so unbelievably horrible. We need Jonathan Coulton to write an Apple II song.