Sold on eBay: New-in-box Apple II, never to be opened

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About this time three years ago, Dan Budiac made headlines when he bought a new-in-box Apple IIc for $2,553. Although Apple II hardware is sold on eBay every day, this purchase was unique for a combination of three factors: the high price it fetched; the rarity of an Apple IIc whose original packaging had never been opened; and the fact that Budiac, rather than preserving that state as any collector would, instead removed the computer, booted it up, and played Oregon Trail.

Another such opportunity has come about, this one landing in the hands of Alabama’s J. Scott King. He purchased the IIc from a dealer in Chicago for a sum far greater than Mr. Budiac paid: according to the eBay auction, the final bid was $4,995.

That’s a lot of money to pony up for a 25-year-old machine, and Mr. King won’t even get the joy of the machine that Mr. Budiac did: this IIc is staying in its box. He justifies his investment and decision: “I didn’t buy the machine for its utility value, or even its stand alone value as a new machine,” he explains. “No, I bought it because it was new in the sealed boxes and might be (maybe not) the only sealed factory box set left — to me that makes it highly collectible. I’ll promise you this: in 10, 20 or 30 years from now and I going to be worried I might have paid to much — I don’t think so.”

He recorded his purchase’s arrival in this YouTube video:

A photo gallery of the IIc is also available on Mr. King’s Web site.

Mr. King emailed me earlier this month with the offer of an interview; unfortunately, his email response landed in my junk folder, which is why this blog post was beaten to the punch by the latest episode of the RetroMacCast podcast, which interviews Mr. King starting at time index 16:56. My apologies for the late report.

  1. I have a a new in the box Apple IIc, MonoChrome Monitor, Monitor stand, Okimate 20 printer and the software still with the srink wrap on them what is the best place to put them up for sale

  2. Mike: eBay seems to be a seller’s market, so you could get good value for your setup there. Listen to the Open Apple podcast every month for reports of similar sales on the site.