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I asked for your help, and you provided! This Apple II Bits blogger, Juiced.GS editor, Open Apple podcast co-host, and KansasFest organizer is interested in wearing his heart on his sleeve — or, more accurately, his car, a gray 2007 Toyota Prius. Massachusetts allows vanity plates under stringent guidelines that, when combined with those plates that are already in circulation, significantly limit the remaining options. Or so I thought: with your help, my original list of eight Apple II-themes plates has grown to 44!

You’ve submitted your suggestions to me; now I submit them to you. Choose your five favorite license plates from the below choices. The poll closes at 12:00 AM on December 1st, 2011, after which I’ll present the results here. If there are ties, a semifinalist round of voting may be necessary. Note that I am not beholden to public opinion and may elect a different custom plate or none at all. But your guidance in coming to one of many possible decisions is much appreciated. Vote early and often using the below poll!

  1. What kind of car is it going on?

  2. Good question! I’ve updated the above post to indicate it’s a gray 2007 Toyota Prius.

  3. Stavros Karatsoridis says:

    A link to the poll would be nice. Just going to doesn’t let you enter the poll number anywhere. It only gives you a screen where you can register to use them.

  4. Stavros: I don’t typically foist such hurdles on readers. Please try refreshing this page. Thanks!

  5. Just how many plates do you get in Massachusetts? There are about 10 totally AWESOME choices in that list and choosing just five is hard!

  6. PEEK and POKE would be great if you had two cars. Perhaps you can name your cats PEEK and POKE. Or your kids. “Peek, stop poking Poke, and Poke, stop peeking at Peek”.

    I added to your list: ATEBIT