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I don’t mean for this to be "iOS Gaming Week" here on Apple II Bits — the impressive Touch Arcade already has the corner on that market. But I do want to follow up on a post from last March, in which I eagerly anticipated Out of this World (OotW) coming to iOS. I greatly enjoyed this creative (albeit brief) game on the Super NES, which shared the same processor as the IIGS, making a port to the Apple II a no-brainer. A more accessible rendition of this classic game would be welcome.

Since I don’t actually own an iOS device, the port fell off my radar, replaced by news and reviews of From Dust, an Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) game released this past July by OotW creator Éric Chahi. Great, I thought — has he been so swamped with this new title that he’s forgotten his roots?

Nope! Out of this World for iOS was released last month under the name Another World for $4.99.

Out of this World

Can you bring scientist Lester Knight Chaykin home?

If Out of this World leaves you hungry for more, there’s no news on a similar port of the much rarer sequel, Heart of the Alien. But you can play OotW’s spiritual successor, Flashback, on iOS for $1.99.

(Hat tip to Carrington Vanston of the Retro Computing Roundtable)

  1. Yay! My Heart of The Alien Redux port on apl2bits! :))))

    Can’t wait till somebody purchases the license for this and puts it on an iOS!

  2. Yes! I linked to it back in March, too. :-)

    It’d be great if someone put your port on iOS. Make it so!

  3. I can make a port for iOS in a single evening. I need help with license. Though I can just make the sources available.

    Most of my Another World ports were never released because of licensing problems. I ported the 3DO, PC DOS and PC HIRES versions to GBA, PS2, PSP, Windows/Linux and Browser (javascript). I have only released the javascript version and kept it buggy so the game isn’t complete-able.