Buy Richard Garriott’s house

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Britannia may be the fictional setting of the Ultima game series, but that shouldn’t stop you from buying property there. For the cool sum of $4.1 million USD, Brittania Manor, the home of Richard Garriott, aka Lord British, can be yours.

Located at 8207 Two Coves Drive in Austin, Texas, the 5,900-square-foot mansion, currently for sale through RE/MAX, features all the essential amenities, including a pool, an observatory, a grotto, a waterfall, a sauna, a gazebo, and a five-car garage. The castle, built in 1987, appears to be in an excellent state of upkeep.

Britannia Manor is famous for its biennial haunted mansions, for which Mr. Garriott spared no expense. But assuming the house isn’t truly haunted, it raises the question: why is the house for sale? Surely someone who can afford a trip to outer space isn’t hurting for money. Maybe Mr. Garriott needs to fund his geocaching adventures?

(Hat tip to Jason Scott and Nathan Bernier)

  1. Well, he certainly wasn’t hurting for money *before* the space trip, but that had to have put a big dent in his savings, and didn’t his post-UO MMO not turn out to be a success?

  2. God, I heard of this place decades ago and have lusted after it since. How amazing it would be to own that thing!

  3. ONLY a five car garage? I’m afraid that’s a deal-breaker for me…