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Last week, I posted a blog to Computerworld that may be of interest to Apple II users: "Steve Wozniak on Steve Jobs’ resignation". It started when Greg Nelson sent the KansasFest email list a link to the CNN’s video interview with Woz. I thought to simply repurpose it for an Apple II Bits blog post — but the more I looked into it, the more I realized there was more to say here than found in a single embedded video.

The final blog post would’ve fit right at home on this site, but I decided to post it instead to my professional blog at my day job, Computerworld for several reasons:

  1. It was already Friday, and I post here on Mondays and Thursdays only. I wanted to get the post published in time for the weekend.
  2. Due to my own inconsistent publication schedule and a lack of focus in topics, I’ve not attracted an audience at Computerworld, which makes it rarely worth my time to blog there. But it’s still in my best interests to demonstrate that I occasionally have something relevant to contribute to discussions in the IT sector.
  3. Even without a regular audience, the readership of Computerworld.com is, unsurprisingly, significantly larger than Apple II Bits. The details are company confidential, but I can say that putting the blog post there has earned it about a hundred-and-fifty times more pageviews than it would’ve gotten here.
  4. My Computerworld co-workers have little interest in my Apple II hobby, but they’ll gladly promote any Computerworld content they find intriguing. As a result, my post got much more social media love on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus than it would’ve otherwise, contributing to the above pageviews. Heck, even Steve Wozniak had something to say about it on Facebook.
  5. I was able to include a link back to apl2bits.net. Since it was a link to relevant and timely information, it wasn’t a conflict of interest or a blatant plug so much as a good opportunity to bring some new readers here.

I can’t republish that blog post here, but I wanted to do more than just link to it and say "Today’s Apple II Bits post is over here." I hope I’ve demonstrated some value in choosing to write for The Man instead of myself in this instance.

  1. The Man pays the bills. The author needs readers. QED.