A weekend with the Apple II

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Given the number of friends I’ve made through the Apple II, and my involvement with Apple II magazines, podcasts, and conventions, it’s a rare day that I’m not thinking or doing something with or about the computer or community. Sometimes, that means a relaxing weekend proves exhausting, leaving me no time to write the blog post I owe Apple II Bits every Monday. So today, I thought I’d outline in roughly chronological order what I’ve done from sundown Friday to sunup Monday that kept me from smithing anything remotely engaging for this blog:

Is it any wonder I’m tired? Despite needing to edit Open Apple this evening, I think I need to disconnect for a bit and enjoy a bike ride. Too many apples a day is not good for one’s health!

  1. Martin Haye says:

    And here I thought I was an Apple II enthusiast, but I’ve got nothing on you :) But seriously, it sounds like a recipe for getting tired of Apple II’s and the people around them. Having myself once turned an enjoyable hobby into a chore, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone…