The Lost Apple

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Apple computers used to pop up in Hollywood all the time, from the Apple IIc in Explorers to Nibble code in Terminator to Apple III in TRON. Such occurrences have sadly grown rare outside of temporal anomalies such as Hot Tub Time Machine, and rarer still to own such a piece of cinematic history. Such a chance will present itself later this month.

Lost, JJ Abrams’ convoluted television series that came to a close this past spring, is auctioning off its assets. Among the props and set pieces up for bidding is an Apple II Plus, known on the show as Swan Station computer.

The Lost Apple

This Lost Apple could be yours — if the price is right.

I don’t understand what Lost was about and don’t care enough to fully learn the Apple II’s role in the series. Roughly, a character named Desmond was required to input numbers into the machine every 108 minutes or else the island he was on would explode. The main computer is accessorized with an Apple III monitor and a Disk II floppy drive.

The Lost auction, occurring August 2010.It’s not too often I see theatrical computers for sale; the last one I recall was Gene Roddenberry’s Mac, auctioned a year ago next month. Lost carries significantly less nerd cred but is currently en vogue (or would’ve been three months ago), so now’s your chance to own a piece of ephemeral history.

The Lost auction will be held August 21–22, 2010, at 1:00 PM PDT at the Barker Hangar, 3021 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica, CA, 90405.

(Hat tips to Cult of Mac and RetroMacCast)