Maxster performs the function of Napster on the PC, and Macster or Rapster on the Mac. Maxster allows Apple IIgs users to find, download, and play MP3 audio files using the Napster network of users sharing music files freely. Due to the limitations of the IIgs’ sound chip and, more important, memory size (4.25 megs is as big as many MP3s), Maxster is unable to save and play MP3 files in their entirety. Considering this, Maxster currently downloads only the first few seconds of an MP3 – a preview – and plays only that. Compatibility issues have prevented Maxster from locating a surprising number of bands and song titles.

Maxster is a freeware Spectrum script and requires Spectrum v2.0 or later and Marinetti v2.0.1.

This program placed second in HackFest at KansasFest 2000. Due to the current status of the Napster network, development of this program has been abandoned as of v0.79.5.


  • v0.64 (July 29, 2000): unreleased, demoed at KansasFest 2000 as an entry in the HackFest competition.
  • v0.79 (Oct 20, 2000): first public release. Various data files have been incorporated into the script file itself or Maxster.r to decrease the number of files, and resources have been compressed to make the package more easily distributed. No features have changed or new features added since v0.64.
  • v0.79.5 (Dec 25, 2000): fixed a bug that prevented Maxster from finding Albuquerque by Weird Al. Thanks to Jeff Blakeney who reported the bug.

Also available on the Internet Archive.


  • txt maxster.bsc
    File size: 460 KB Downloads: 414
  • maxster.bxy
    ShrinkIt NuFX
    File size: 337 KB Downloads: 527
  • maxster.shk
    ShrinkIt archive
    File size: 336 KB Downloads: 186
  • maxster.2mg
    2MG disk image
    File size: 800 KB Downloads: 170
  • maxster.dmg
    DMG disk image
    File size: 800 KB Downloads: 182
  • maxster.img
    IMG disk image
    File size: 800 KB Downloads: 169
  • txt maxster.txt
    Main program file source code as a Spectrum script
    File size: 7 KB Downloads: 401