Ken's Integrated Simpletron Suite (KISS)

Ken's Integrated Simpletron Suite (KISS) is based on a problem in C: How to Program, by Harvey Deitel, in which students are instructed to write programs for a computer called the Simpletron. The Simpletron runs programs written only in the language it understands, the Simpletron Machine Language (SML). It is meant to emulate (and educate about) programming in assembly. KISS is a freeware Spectrum script and requires Spectrum v2.0 or later.

This program placed second at HackFest at KansasFest 2001 due to its "high geek factor".


  • v1.0 (July 29, 2001): Initial release.
  • v1.1 (Aug 2, 2001): Fixed a bug that produced incorrect results when subtracting a number from a negative accumulator value. Fixed a bug when E)diting if the cell to start in was not entered in four-digit format. Fixed a bug that caused an error when tracing an opcode of 00; opcode 00 now functions as a HALT. Added the Z)ero function to clear the memory without quitting.


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    Ken's Integrated Simpletron Suite (KISS)
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    Ken's Integrated Simpletron Suite (KISS)
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