First reactions to Jobs movie trailer

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There was an occasion last year where I wrote a blog post for Apple II Bits but, prior to clicking "publish", realized the subject had a broader appeal. The same thing happened today when I started writing about the new trailer for the Steve Jobs film. Previously we saw only a clip of the movie, resulting in mixed receptions. Now that a two-minute trailer garnered two million views over the weekend, has public reception to the movie changed?

Find out by reading my Computerworld blog — but you can watch the trailer here, or see the film in theaters on August 16.

  1. I thought they cancelled this, glad I have my apl2bits subscription to give me the latest Apple news. I noticed 18 seconds into the trailer they have Woz say “It’s a computer terminal that hooks up to the? TV for the display” but wasn’t the Apple I a computer and not a computer terminal? Oh well, me being nit-picky again. I’ll just pretend I’m watching a Disney adventure or something.

  2. Brian, for just the reasons you state, I wish everyone at KansasFest 2013 could see this movie, just so I could watch their heads explode. :)