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Apple's history comes to Russia

When an Apple-1 sold for $213,600 [1] almost a year ago, it was a business expense: the new owner, Marco Boglione [2], intends to feature it in a computer museum in his hometown of Turin, Italy. Reported one media outlet [3]:

Turin, a northern Italian city, already has a television museum, a radio museum and a museum of cinema. Computers, and aesthetically-driven Apple in particular, would be a good fit in fashion-conscious Turin.

"It's big money," says Boglione, who says that he "couldn't care less whether tomorrow a machine like this goes for more or less. I think it's good in Italy that there is such a historical piece, one of the best, in good condition."

Now it looks like there's another computer history museum in the making. The BBC UK reports [4] that Andrei Antonov is assembling Apple's lineage with which to found a museum in Moscow, Russia [5], by the end of 2011. The gallery will include the portable Apple II (the IIc), the Bandai Pippin, and other rare and aging artifacts.

Is a museum dedicated to Apple products too focused, compared to the comprehensiveness of the Computer History Museum [6]? Does it need to reach further back in its focus, as the Vintage Computer Festival [7] does? Or, like the recent rebranding of Macworld Expo [8], does an Apple museum capitalize on a brand that invokes passion and dedication like none other?

UPDATE (29-Feb-12): Here's the latest on the Russian museum [9].

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#1 Comment By Ken Gagne On Nov 18, 2011 @ 1:24 pm

You can also see an Apple II at [16] in Galway, Ireland.