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Strong Museum's Hall of Fame

We could debate endlessly over the best Apple II games — such a list remains one of my most popular blog posts to date [1]. From Adventure [2] to Prince of Persia [3], Choplifter [4] to Lode Runner [5], the candidates are endless.

So I don't envy The Strong Museum of Rochester, New York, home of the International Center for the History of Electronic Games [6]. ICHEG recently announced the World Video Game Hall of Fame [7], into which would be inducted games with an "undeniable impact on popular culture and society in general" and "games [that] have helped shape the way that people across the globe play and relate to one another," wrote [8] ICHEG director Jon-Paul Dyson.

Journalists, scholars, and other industry professionals chose the original list of 15 candidate games. I have bolded the six that were ultimately inducted:

It's regrettable that no native Apple II games made the cut — but we are not entirely without representation: Tetris exists for every platform, including the Apple II; and Doom is the infamous brainchild of John Romero [9], who got his start on the Apple II and regularly revisits his roots, as he did when he delivered KansasFest 2012's keynote speech [10].

You may disagree with the ICHEG's choices, but it's important those disagreements be founded not in what were the "best" or most fun games of all time, but which were the most important. In that context, which Apple II games would you have nominated for inclusion n the World Video Game Hall of Fame's first class?

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#1 Comment By Steven On Aug 17, 2015 @ 5:43 pm

This is a difficult task and there are many possibilities to choose from. Without having read you other post, this is what I can come up with from memory.

For the category of "Technology Achievement", I would consider:
Airheart – double hires animation with spatial awareness
Karateka – sprite animation/fluidity
Wings of Fury – significant full screen animation

In the "Genre Mix" category:
Space Rogue – overall quality within each playable genre

In the "Educational Impact" category:
Lemonade Stand – probably one of the first edutainment titles played by new Apple // owners
Microbe – presentation of medical concepts in an easy to understand format
Robot Odyssey – advances in electronic circuit construction
The Halley Project – astronomical realism and historical impact
The Seven Cities of Gold – exploration and historical contributions
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego – clever contribution to geography

In the "Lasting Impact" category:
Ultima IV – large and successful title that continued a significant series

In the category "Ahead of its time":
Earth Orbit Stations – needed hardware that was very significantly better than what was available at the time or commonly available

Other significant titles:
Arctic Fox, Bannercatch, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, Boulder Dash, Echelon, Lode Runner, Moon Patrol, Portal, Sea Dragon, Sneakers, Stellar 7, Zaxxon